5 Common Website Design Blunders That Make Your Website Ineffective

Posted by Singapore Web Design Company on 29 November 2011


When it comes to website design, it can be indisputably said that it is a tricky matter. Simply put, effective website design leads you to success while an ineffective one leads you to failure. More often than not, website designers tend to make blunders which diminish the value of the website, if not make it completely ineffective. Here are 5 of the most common web design blunders to avoid when in pursuit of achieving website design success:

Uninteresting or unsuitable website subject

A website is always created around a certain subject or theme. If the web design is unable to effectively communicate the main purpose or focus of the website and appeal to the targeted audience, the website will be viewed as nothing but confusing or, in most cases, tasteless.

Excessive or unfitting color usage

The purpose of adding color to the website is to make the website appealing and inviting, in most cases, the minimal the better. However, there is a very thin line between the colors complimenting the web design and the colors completely overshadowing the content of the website. The excessive use or unfitting color usage is one of the most common mistakes made by web designers.

Unnecessary usage of Image

Quality over quantity; that is the key to web design, especially when it comes to image usage. Pictures enhance the appeal of the website; however it is the quality of the picture that accomplishes this objective not the quantity. Excessive or unnecessary use of images simply clutters the website and drives away visitors.

Flash – Practicability over creativity

As a right hand rule, Flash should only be used when absolutely necessary. Flash undeniably adds visual appeal but web designers often, in order to showcase their creativity, go overboard with Flash. As a result, the website becomes less functional and more inconvenient.

Navigation complexity

Simple and easy navigation can be said to be one of the most essential features of an effective web design. No viewer would be willing to spend more time than necessary on figuring out complex navigation structure. Intricate navigation translates into nothing but website failure.


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