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Steps to Effective Online Marketing (1 OF 5)

Posted on 8 July 2012


Like every other product out in the market, you need to properly promote your website in order to attract people. The purpose of this 5 article series is to shed light on different tried and tested web marketing strategies which will help generate traffic to your website and increase your website’s page rank.

As opposed to paid ads, search engine optimization strategies (SEO for short) are inexpensive and organic ways of increasing your website’s page rank and traffic. Search engine optimization is also one of the most important aspects of web promotion. The reason being that the search engines like Google or Yahoo! send out virtual ‘spiders’ in order to index various webpages. As being indexed is the primary step towards traffic generation and page rank boost, it is important to carefully groom your webpages for optimal indexing. Therefore, we make use of search engine optimization strategies to allow these virtual ‘spiders’ to easily crawl through our webpages and identify all the aspects of the webpages important for indexing. The basic, most effective SEO strategies are:

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