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CSS4 is releasing soon: What you should know as Website Designer

Posted on 21 February 2014

Constant changes of web applications have been a regular norm nowadays. We have already evolved the technology as an important part of our life. It’s expected to have changes on the web, especially when it’s for the betterment of services. At times, it becomes hard to accept the fact that time has gone real fast. Who would believe that Rickrolling has passed 6 years of service, whereas Internet Explorer has stepped further by working 12 years a trot? CSS has already released their 4th version of the application. Overall changes are inspiring, and they have always inspired website designers.

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Website Design 2014: Things to watch out!

Posted on 4 February 2014

It would be absolutely unfair to make review that, 2013 has not been a productive year for web design industry. With so many innovative design ideas, and modulations over the websites; we can certainly rectify that visitors have experienced more of balanced and steady website platforms. Significance in 2013 would be some brilliant exclusion on website development. Huge strides in the field have done immensely good for both website owners and visitors. Nowadays, we can see websites compatible for computers, smart phones, and thanks must be given to the initiator of this formula.

What would be the best thing for web design service in 2014 is still a mystery for us. However, there are few aspects that we have to consider getting ahead in web design service, and stay as the revolutionary industry of the current era!

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