Build Links the Right Way (SEO Tips 4 of 5)

Posted by Singapore SEO Company on 1 June 2012


Over the years, the virtual world has evolved to provide the users with the most convenient way of finding out websites which are most popular, reliable, and useful. In order to rank among those websites deemed as worthy by popular search engines like Google, it is important to build links in the most effective, tried and tested way. These ways include getting links from blogs and blog comments, forums, marketing through submission to article directories, and submitting links to directories. Additionally, one of the most important steps in order to build links is to determine where your competitors (the popular ones) get their links.

Four important notes for quality link building:

Blogs and Blog Comments:

One of the most frequently updated and highly ranked sources of links for your website is blogs. By making use of the feature commonly known as ‘blog commenting’, you can create links leading to your website. It should be noted that blog commenting is not spamming, as many assume it to be. While there are some individuals who use the blog commenting platform to simply advertise their webpage, it is not a recommended way of acquiring external links to your website. The best way to create an external link to your website through blog commenting is by simply leaving relevant, insightful, and useful reply on the blog page while including the link to your website in the provided ‘website’ field. There are some blogs which allow comments to have anchor links within the body of the text, therefore, that feature can also be appropriately used to build external links. Another way of utilizing different blogs to build links to your website is by becoming a guest blogger. Guest bloggers contribute to different blogs by writing an article for that blog with the consent of the owner of the blog and can include the link to their own blogs within the text by means of anchor text.

Forums or Discussion Boards:

Forums or discussion boards are online platforms internet users often make use of to find answers to their queries or generally discuss various topics collectively. As forums or discussion boards are open to everyone and everyone can view and participate, some of the most popular forums are updated several times in a day. The most common and the simplest way of building links is by including the link to your website in the ‘signature’ file of your forum profile. As a result, every time your comment is posted within the forum, the link to your website is given as your signature. You can also include your website link as part of your comment if the forum does not allow clickable links as part of the signature. Again, it is important to distinguish between spamming and leaving useful comments. As general forum etiquette, it is important to follow the forum rules and participate in discussions by posting relevant and useful comments.



There are numerous directories online to which you can submit links to your website. Some of these directories are free while some are paid. Initially, it is always better to submit links to popular, free directories rather than paid ones. Additionally, it is important to determine which directories are worth submitting links to as some only act as spam-like ‘link farms’ which are flooding with links to low quality websites. One of the most popular and high quality directories is Open Directory Project, also called DMOZ. As the directory has a PageRank of 8, submitting your website link to DMOZ will prove favorable for your website.


Article Directories:

Unlike guest blogging, which is posting to someone else’s blog, article submissions to article directories are a more effective means of marketing. By adding your own content to these article directories, you can insert links to your website using keywords. Moreover, you can also effectively advertise your website by including relevant text in the article directory’s resource box. For instance, if you run a website ‘Cooking for Beginners’, you can include in the resource box, something like ‘Want to learn the quickest way to make fried chicken? Visit my Cooking for Beginner’s website for the recipe’ and add an anchor text using keywords like ‘easy recipes’, ‘quick cooking’, etc. As there are a number of article directories, and it would take a lot of time to submit to every single one of them, it is advised to focus on some of the best article directories such as Ezinearticles, Goarticles, Infobarrel, and Articlebase. Additionally, there is also a comprehensive list of article directories which Google PageRank recommends for article submission.


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