Case Studies

Case Studies of Website Design and Customized Web Application Development

Lam Chuan Import & Export Ltd

Flash Website Conceptualization

The website was developed in full flash concept which portrays their business image - sleek and classy look. We have also implemented a gallery management system for their staff to manage the gallery section through the admin control panel.

Loang & Noi

Flash Website Conceptualization

We implemented an easy to use content management system to enable their staff to update their website easily, putting new products and information through the admin control panel. The website is designed in full flash which presents a classy and elegant feel - the smooth fade-in fade-out transition effects during navigation.

Mirorcle Pte Lid

Distributor Management & Online Purchasing System

The new system eliminates the extra steps of manual data entry such as recording of the purchases and points rewarded to the distributors. It keeps track of the purchases and automatically updates the distributorâ??s points on every transactions. The new system not only allows Mirorcle to achieve their business goals, but also improves the efficiency of their business process through the online management system.

KKLE Pte Ltd

Inventory Management System

The main purpose for this inventory management system is to keep track of KKLEâ??s inventory usage, vehicles and machinesâ?? expenses. The system also allow user to generate usage and expenses report into PDF and excel format for accounting purpose. The new system speed up the whole business process by eliminating the extra steps which can be done on the computerized backend system. It also minimizes the human error problems and increases the process of recording usage, expenses, searching and tracing of records, and accountability checks. Thus, enable the business process to perform more efficiently.

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