Common Mistakes in Web Design

Posted by on 31 March 2014

Designing a website doesn’t mean to add all forms of web elements altogether. Any website is named as standard example for potential website owners will always have the relevant elements with the most efficient navigation system. Nowadays, it has become quite difficult website that has been developed with these features. Hence, it’s important have a better understanding on what are the things one must avoid while building any website. There are few features that you must avoid while planning and developing websites. Whenever you work on a new project of web design, you must avoid the following mistakes. With proper implication of such matters, you can surely make the reader’s happy.

Websites compatible with internet explorer only

Developing a website or personal blog with the compatibility with the default browser of your operating system can never help to stay on top of search results. People like to browse with flexibilities which is why most of the websites are developed with the assurance of browsing with all the popular browsing tools.

Website with the compatibility with Internet explorer will never help you to gain popularity. It certainly becomes a pretty bad decision as most of the internet users prefer working with Firefox or Google Chrome. If you insist to browse with internet explorer, you are bound to receive a limited number of leads.

Web designs settled with a specific version of browsers

We have always focused on the betterment of website design and a professional customer service. One thing you must not practice is to set a special banner writing a message “the website can only be viewed with full coverage with IE” because it can restrain most of the users interest of exploring your websites. Customers will never like to be dictated on your terms as they want flexibility. They would always prefer doing their works like reading content, buying things from websites that would offer maximum level of facilities. Changing to another website might not interest them when they get to know that, functionalities of Opera and Firefox is way better than IE.

Using the newest technology without knowing base

It ’s understandable to have a fascination of using latest piece of technology on your website.  We always hear something from professionals to keep the website updated and always incorporate the latest features to keep the website on its high peak. Therefore, the real temptation of using technologies might hold you back from getting the potential visitors. If you prefer setting up something on your website that doesn’t support users to browse freely, the risk of losing customers will creep in. Hence, you plan to use technology like CSS in the new version or HTML; you might go with some of the specified elements that would enhance the performance.

Video or Sound clips

We often visited few personal websites with an automated video or sound clip of author’s choice. The entire process can't be stated as the perfect way to work over the websites. Most users never prefer websites where the video clips or sound clips like songs or ad clips start automatically. Sound playing in a website can be annoying for users, and it’s some kind of inappropriate for them. If you are thinking of getting attention from users, the first thing you must not set is popping up sound clips or ad clips or videos.

Video or sound clips might be annoying to withstand by viewers

If you think of introducing sound or video clips on your website, you must add an option by which any user can turn on or off according to their preferences. This suggestion is specially obliged if you have followed the option of starting video or sound clips automatically. By setting up an option to control and have them in a marked place, you will still have an option of obtaining respects from viewers. Setting up the option at the bottom of the web page will be a difficult option for people to find the control of stopping this feature; thus, you should always put on top of the webpage.

Disguised navigation system

Websites on popularity have always been determined with few major aspects. Easier navigation to browse is one of the significant features to set a standard. People always love to explore website that has been developed with “easy to find” option. Having issues with navigation needs to resolve with the presence of mind. Using images to as the solution is quite annoying for readers. Common mistake of navigation is to avoid setting up a Home link on the top menu list. Another common error for navigation is to introduce with wayward images. Letting viewers in hardships to view the website will never let you to get the potential readers or customers.

Poorly designed websites based on images

There are print designers who would develop their websites by using print tools like Illustrator or Photoshop. The real highlight becomes noticeable when they publish a website that has never been proposed or imaged while planning.

Bad planning can lead to difficult times for maintain the website. Website in poorly designed elements have often slowed down to load. Therefore, it has never been a good idea to sum up with something that has never been planned. If you plan to make a website for prints, then you must stick with the prints. Flexibility is what every web owners would look on their web designers.

Using texts on images

It’s not acceptable to use images as background while focusing on your texts. It’s absolutely difficult to read over the texts, inaccessible, and more importantly; you can’t resize or find them through search engines. As professional, you must avoid working images over texts. The best method is using the Image Replacement Technique by CSS if you have to consider texts within the images.

Scrolling, Blinking or Animated Content

Moving texts have always been difficult for readers to get the message. It gets even more difficult when the message is given with abstract images on background. Working with blinking elements can become pretty distracting. There have been few cases when these situations can make few medical conditions like seizures. Anything that would cause issues on people’s heath should be avoided on your website design.

Installing Ajax for managing content

It may turn out as fun to have web applications by working with Ajax. If you plan to side some of your content within the device of Ajax, you are probably initiating few problems that you resolving ones. Ajax should be used for elements that might help to make changes on your website. If the content doesn’t get changed on your website, you should not work with Ajax device.

Resize Browser window

There is a slight difference between a resized browser’s window and pop up window. It’s absolutely different to have a resized window that all readers get to see the web pages. Here, they are given chances for opening to a specific size, obviously within a comfortable zone. The resized window might fit the monitors or the web pages they explore. When you plan to resize the browsing window, it becomes intrusive and annoying. It gets into an uncomfortable situation for viewers while exploring on your websites and you can’t expect to have these viewers to visit again while experiencing such shows!

Trusting pop-up windows to load website

Another common mistake is to load the website by a pop-up window. Some website owners follow such steps to hide the location of their website pages, and some of them get misguided with the concept of protecting the content. 

The reality doesn’t support such malfunctioning practice. Loading website or web pages within the pop windows can only annoy visitors which in turn the possibility of losing customers will become prominent than ever! If you try forcing a customer to check your website in a defined browsing option, they won’t appreciate such experience. Popup windows us are now basically used as Ads or Trojan builders, and it can be the ultimate reason for which a user would stop browsing your website.



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