Concept Driven Website Design For a Successful Online Business

Posted by Singapore Web Design Company on 2 January 2012


In order to establish a successful website it is integral to keep in mind the objective of the website when conceptualizing a website design. In short, the main objective of the website lays the foundation for the concept behind the web design. This fact is highly important for e-commerce websites where the business is dependent on the success of the website and the objective of the website is to foster business growth which is only possible if the website design is able to attract potential customers and retain existing customers simultaneously. In order to effectively establish a concept-driven website design in sync with the objective of the website, the following process should be undertaken:


Brainstorm and generate ideas

In order to clearly identify objectives, you need to brainstorm and generate ideas related to the online business. This would require you to have substantial knowledge of your target market, their demands and expectations, latest trends, and existing competition. Keeping in perspective the mentioned points, you should generate effective ideas in terms of your products or services. Sales objective, website attraction, and promotional strategies are some key ideas which will serve as basis for establishing a clear concept for website design.

Creating a wireframe

After productive brainstorming and idea generation, the next step is to carefully string the ideas together in order to establish a practicable website design concept. Based on the concepts the website designers will be able to create a wireframe of your business’ website design which can give you a clear idea of how the website design would be like in actuality. You can further decide to fine tune the website design concept accordingly at this stage.

Creating the website design

After the wireframe is deemed perfect, web designers get into the task of establishing the website by incorporating various design components within the website which is in line with the website design concept. The best web design is the one which is flexible enough to alter when need be after the website is designed.

Determining the website design potential through quantitative analysis

Prior to starting your online business, a thorough quantitative analysis is important to determine the potential of the web design in realizing the objectives of the website. Among the various parameters used to conduct this quantitative analysis include call to action button, webpage placement, navigability, shopping cycles, and product details. If at this stage there are some factors which you feel is not up to mark or does not perfectly incorporate the web design concepts, there is always time for fixes.

Keeping track of feedback

Even after the launch of the online business, the website can only be successful if necessary changes and improvements are made to the website according to the needs of the audience. These needs for improvement can be verified by the feedback provided by customers. Polishing the concept of the web design and ultimately continuously updating the website is integral for the success of every business. Therefore, this process of establishing a successful concept-driven website is cyclical


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