CSS4 is releasing soon: What you should know as Website Designer

Posted by on 21 February 2014

Constant changes of web applications have been a regular norm nowadays. We have already evolved the technology as an important part of our life. It’s expected to have changes on the web, especially when it’s for the betterment of services. At times, it becomes hard to accept the fact that time has gone real fast. Who would believe that Rickrolling has passed 6 years of service, whereas Internet Explorer has stepped further by working 12 years a trot? CSS has already released their 4th version of the application. Overall changes are inspiring, and they have always inspired website designers.

So what can we expect from CSS4? Some of the professionals have already looked through entire CSS4 where they have accepted that Hand-Picking feature is the best modification. Few other features have also got into the limelight.

1.   Pre-responsive Layout

Responsive design has been the highlight of 2013. Without any doubt, the modulation has been appreciated for so many reasons. Nothing gets better when you come to know that, it's possible to have a website compatible for multiple screen sizes and devices to offer a soothing experience for users all around the world irrespective of their internet service. The major obstacle is to conduct your website in a responsive manner, especially the way of loading web pages. Connection speed has been a factor for a large number of visitors, and this issue has been monitoring by W3C for last few years. That’s the reason; some of experts have been proposed another idea which is to launch pre-responsive design that would offer preloaded states for websites with slow internet connections.


The drawback of developing this hi-tech feature is its cost. It won’t be cheap by any means which in turn website owners will find it extremely difficult to introduce this option. To start with the pre-responsive layout option for slow internet users, web developers will ask for the latest “flux” processor chip that only becomes available with the fiber-optic connection.

2.   Cascading Scriptsheet

You might have heard about the story before as it was initially introduced by IE under Behavior term. If you already know about the function of PNG fix, then you must be aware of this feature. It’s pretty useful to enhance the interaction as it was never before. It also helps to resolute the issue of filling the gap between CSS and JavaScript developers. It has been programmed to create a competent scriptsheet with function-style syntax unobtrusive feature. 


3.   Server-side Stylesheet (CLISS)

If you have already worked with the interface based on the command line before, you must have disliked the module they set. The new version has attempted a module or pattern through introducing the CLISS.


CLISS is also a module of styling scriptsheet working with command line interface. Interesting fact on CLISS is that, it also follows the syntax that we have been on CSS while developing the websites. Now, it becomes quite easy to create a terminal little brighter and more patterned just like the way you wished few years back. It has made compatible for Unix, Windows and OS X command-line applications with an additional module activated. Unlike all other styling options encrypted within an application, CLISS will allow setting the entire CSS property that allows full fledge of customization. The stack is still being the limited feature (Line, Terminal and Error), but you will see many functionalities working with this current module.

4.   Proper Styling support on Email system

Those who have worked with CSS, some of them have described the overrated system to work with website design. W3C is constantly working with email services for serving a modern yet consistent approach to authoring and styling HTML emails.

This news has been a blessing for professionals. Finally, they can work with Semantic <article>, <div> tags, <section>, and avoid using those inline stylesheets with an external, centralized stylesheet for getting things updated on the websites.

5.   Old and New Properties

With the introduction of CSS4, some of the old properties have been refocused, and few of them got introduced as the latest additions. Amongst the modified old ones, there are font-style: wordart, text-decoration: blink, font-family: "Comic Sans MS, text-decoration: marquee. These are specifically designed to modify the typography standard organized by “Gutenburg Press” of Thirteen Century.

New properties like retina: true has already received tremendous appreciation from professionals. This feature is automatically enhanced the website images just in CSI:Miami-style. Working with background-music: muzak can offer you true shop-front feeling, especially when you are running an e-commerce website. Feature like webkit-typos: false works through utilizing the “hyper-accurate” spell checking application by iOS for fixing the typos automatically. This application is specifically used to correct typos in YouTube comments. It sounds amazing, isn’t it?



It’s the high time to work with the development and upgrade of websites. With the time passes by, everything is changing in better shape than ever. Today’s technology is in good strength, and it can serve only good amongst people those who prefer using web. We always need to keep the flow with the strength we have, and keep exploring for the betterment of web.


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