Magento E-Commerce Software - A Lucrative Investment for Every Small and Enterprise Business

Many businesses all over the world have chosen Magento as their preferred ecommerce platform. Customers of Magento ecommerce website design include fast-growing ecommerce innovators, start-ups and also some of world’s most respected and trusted brands.

Magento has steadily transformed itself into an undisputable business superhero.


Magento: On the Way to Success and Popularity

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Magento, though already in demand, is on its way to achieving more popularity. Though there are other established ecommerce platforms, Magento, with its simple and powerful solutions, is increasingly becoming the platform of choice for ecommerce and website designers and developers. Magento offers attractive themes and feature-rich extensions to empower ecommerce businesses to improve the potential of their websites. Some of the benefits of Magento include:

  • Performance and scalability to support organisational growth
  • Tools to attract and retain clients
  • Flexibility to meet your specific needs
  • Features, functionalities and resources to guarantee your success

Magento for Small Businesses

Magento Go has been specifically designed for small business providers to create fully equipped online stores quickly and with ease. While working with this application, you need not worry about installing any software or administering any servers. In fact, Magento has a set of powerful tools to move your business to the next level. Magento Go is perfect for those who want an online store, but are not tech-savvy. Some features offered by Magento, which would enhance your shopping experience include:

  1. Category specific design
  2. Search result customization
  3. Professional themes
  4. Language preferences
  5. Availability of language specific store themes
  6. A wide selection of marketing and promotional offers

The innovative features of Magento Go inspire existing and new users alike. Some of the features include a CSS Editor, a Theme Editor and drag and drop blocks, which helps you move chunks of content without code changes.


Perfect Solution for Enterprise Business

Nowadays, Magento is trusted by many business enterprises and various leading brands consider Magento one of their most versatile business solutions. Magento’s various editions offer solutions to your business, based on your business size and requirements. While Magento Go is the solution for small enterprises, Magento Enterprise is the ecommerce website application designed for medium to large enterprises.

Magento Enterprise offers businesses a great deal of flexibility and control over the look, functionality and content of their online store.  Magento Enterprise is fully scalable and equipped to meet every business’s unique technical requirements. Some of the benefits of Magento Enterprise include:

  1. One administrative interface for all storefronts
  2. Customer-friendly shopping features
  3. Feature-rich and production ready
  4. Enhanced order tracking system
  5. Multi-currency capability
  6. Tools that facilitate up-selling and cross-selling


Ecommerce Solution at Your Doorstep

Magento is robust, rich in its features as well as user-friendly. With its various features such as the catalogue management, shopping cart, administrative functions, search and checkout, Magento has the capability to implement a good ecommerce store. In addition to all these benefits, Magento offers flexibility, which enables users to modify existing features and add new ones.

Magento, with its seamless solutions, is the best choice for ecommerce website designers, small businesses and large enterprises alike.


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