Flat Design – A New Trend You Can’t Afford To Miss

Posted by on 11 July 2013

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website design coloursIOS 7 has recently been launched; one of the most talked about aspect of this latest update is its interface design, which is designed in flat design format. Hence we thought it will be beneficial to let our readers know about this latest trend and its benefits in this modern digital world.


What on earth is Flat Design?

In order to explain the flat design, we would first like to shed light on its opposite design philosophy, which is “skeuomorphism”. Skeuomorphism is a name given to the technique of designing something in such a way that it resembles the real life physical thing to a great extent.

Some examples of such occurrences are

  • On/Off Control that looks very close to a real world physical switch.
  • A real-world-like table placed in the background of a casino game.
  • E-magazines placed on the shelf in background of any given game.

skeuomorphic design
Example of skeuomorphic design.

Whereas, Flat Designs are not meant to confuse the users with real world scenarios, with ultimate visual details, including, extensive graphical effects, curves, shadows and textures. Flat Web Designs are minimal in nature, and offer the users with a simple yet digital interface that emphasize on functionality more than the graphical effects.

flat design

Example of flat design.

Advantages of Flat Design

Flat Designs provide various advantages, simple and fast to load being the top ones. Flat Designs enhances the digital experience of users with minimal graphical effects that allows the emphasize on content and information more. Google bots like fast loading websites, hence these designs are good for SEO as well.


Flat Designs are emerging as one of the hottest trends in web design sphere as it makes the development and designing of websites a lot easier and much quicker. It is flexibly, user-friendly and stylish in nature and provides the business owners to convey their message directly to the potential customers without having them distracted. It can be safely said that Flat Designs are the next evolution in web design world.


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