Getting visitors but no sales? It's time for a change

Posted by on 31 August 2013

It is a great feeling when you see clients going to your website, reading it and then making a purchase. This means you are successful enough to attract them and make them buy just by looking at your merchandise. However, what happens when you see a lot of them reading and then later on leaving without buying anything? Do you feel bewildered, frustrated and disappointed? Most of the time web owners are clueless as to what the problem is not knowing that the website itself is the cause of the problem.

How you present your website is important and can affect your business. This is because your website is the gateway between you and your possible clients. It is the only way for you to sell your merchandise across the globe, without the client actually seeing the product in person and inspecting it. So it stands to reason that the only way they could be persuaded to buy your product is that they be impressed by your website. You have to make sure that everything is easy and within their reach. The details on how, what, when, where and who are easily seen and viewed by the client. If you are not sure about the details, here are some suggestions and tips on how to design and improve your website.


Change Is Inevitable

Change is the only constant thing in the world. As technology progresses and everything becomes fast paced, every second counts. People constantly update their status and are forever changing their mobile phones. They immediately get bored of the same old stuff and want new stuff every minute. Therefore, to stay ahead and keep your clients from looking elsewhere, you should constantly update your “store” and put in the latest features and designs.

Visitors Get Bored Easily

As I have mentioned earlier, people want everything fast paced. Everything changes and moves quickly, so a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load would definitely be passed over. No matter how beautiful or impressive your site is, if it takes ages to load them, then it is better to look into it. Consider the things you want to put in your site; do not sacrifice quality for quantity.

Call to Action

To help your prospective clients navigate through your website, put in additional features, guides and tips. Encourage them to explore and go to other links that connect with your product. Make your website user friendly and applicable for newbies as well as interesting and interactive for professionals.    

As the saying goes, you cannot please everyone. No matter how hard you try, there are bound to be customer complaints and unsatisfied customers. However, this is a good sign because it gives you an idea on how to grow your company, what areas need improvement and that customers complain because they want a better service in the future. This is because they believe that your company is worth buying from so they are taking the time and effort to give you their opinion. Now, isn’t it better than seeing possible clients browsing your website and then bypassing it for another?


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