Google AdWords Updates: Keyword Tool VS. Keyword Planner

Posted by on 12 December 2013

Google Keyword Planner Since its creation, Google has never looked back and continues to innovate itself to create new add-ons, applications and extensions to provide better service and market strategy for its advertisers.
Typically when someone needs something online, they use a search engine to make it easier and faster. This is where Google Adwords come in. It is an advertising system of Google that enables advertisers to bid on certain keywords, with the winners getting their advertisement and clickable ads on top of page one. This is important because the chances of the product or services being chosen and noticed are highly probable due to the strategic positioning of the ads. For Google, this advertising arm has proven to be lucrative as it brings in more than half of the total income of the company.  


Google Keyword Tool

But how do campaign managers, advertisers and bidders know the best keywords that will drive the most traffic and business to the company?

Since this is essentially their bread and butter, Google helps by creating a free application called Google Keyword Tool. Through this, campaigners can gather data and information to help them know which keywords and phrases best relate to their products, are mostly searched by consumers and considered highly competitive by other advertisers as well. It is useful especially for beginners as it is easy to use and to understand. At the same time, it provides quality information and has been proven effective in helping increase sales.          


Google Keyword Planner

Recently, Google launched a newer and improved version known as Google Keyword Planner.  The Keyword Planner combines keyword tool and traffic estimator to create a more professional, organized and efficient tool designed specifically for Adwords users. With this, advertisers can focus on creating new adgroups and ad campaigns easier and faster. Here are some benefits of using Keyword Planner:

  • Specific geographic location targeting - It provides a specific target market niche. Advertisers can gather data and focus on a particular area, which they wish to serve.    
  • Efficient filtering system - It does a thorough job of filtering keywords based on a company's specifications. It can filter keywords by using average cost per click, estimated search volume and competitiveness of the keyword.
  • Historical data - Keyword Planner does not only provide monthly average data for a specific keyword but it also keeps a historical data of up to twelve months for that particular keyword. This is useful for companies who wish to analyze the popularity factor of a certain keyword.  


With the latest innovation of Keyword Planner, Google has made it possible for companies to create an effective and organized market strategy that will help boost their standing in the international market.      


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