How Colors Can Affect Your Website

Posted by Web Design Singapore on 26 August 2013


website design coloursFor a business to succeed, anything that has to do with visuals is very important. Colors and designs must be well-thought out as these play a significant role for the reason that colors are the first things that catches a potential client's attention. If the play and combination of colors were pleasing to the eye, then clients would become interested and intrigued by what you are selling.Nevertheless, what is the right color of success for your business? To be able to choose wisely, you must understand the significance of each color and how it can affect the target market and the company’s potential.



The color Red has always represented power and passion. It is a stimulant and studies show that it increases the rate of respiration and blood pressure. The color best suits a company that wants to be known for being fierce, competitive and aiming to be on top. For the longest time, famous companies have been using the red color in their logos. If you want to attract attention and stand out then use the color Red.


The exact opposite of Red, the color Blue is all about calmness and tranquillity. Start-up companies should think of using Blue since it represents steadfastness, honesty and integrity, which are some of the criteria that would help attract more clients. However, too much blue can be dampening to the spirits so be careful when using it. 


White represents purity, cleanliness and innocence. A company that wants to promote equality, openness and balance in business dealings should opt to use white as the predominant color.   


Black is tantamount to nothingness since it is the absence of color. That is why it is usually used as a base color to make other colors appear brighter. Companies use Black to add mystery and to embolden and highlight their names.   


With the increasing awareness of global warming, more and more companies have been using Green to decorate and liven up the surrounding. The color of Nature, Green represents calmness, harmony and growth.


The lively and friendly Yellow represents joy, energy and vibrancy. Because of its brightness, it is the easiest color to see. However, people tend to lose control easily.    

The combination of Blue and Red, Purple is the color of royalty and nobility. It is often associated with kings, high-ranking individuals and with women.  Purple represents luxury, richness and glamour. It is said that Purple is the favorite color of Cleopatra. Also the color boosts imagination and creativity and is perfect for artists and performers who want to express themselves freely.  Companies that highly value out-of-the-box thinking and creativity should use this color.


Brown is the color of dependability, stability and Mother Earth. Companies that usually choose Brown wants their company to signify wholesomeness,   simplicity and a place that they can depend on no matter what. Too much Brown however can be dull and would result to being inconspicuous.  

Colors exist to help us realize and express our thoughts visually. To be able to reach out to our clients, we must however, take into perspective what would catch their attention. Consider their opinions, likes, dislikes, and preferences. It may or may not be similar to yours, but you should consider what color best represents your company.     


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