How to Develop a Killer Landing Page That Converts

Posted by on 12 October 2013


Conversion and Sales are the primary goals of any online business, hence companies do everything in their arsenal to improve their conversion rate and make the most out of their traffic. Once a user lands on your website, whether it is a home page or an inner page, it is your landing page content, design and layout that is responsible to grab the attention of the user and encourage them to proceed with the purchase.


The Text Count:

The quantity of the text is a very important factor, when it comes to landing page optimization. You should realize this that users are not there at your website to read a novel, so you should avoid publishing content that sounds like one. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t put any text based content on your landing page. The important thing is to do proper research and develop a balanced proportion for the content of your landing page. The best way to deliver a big chunk of information is to divide it into smaller pieces. Use of properly designated headlines makes skimming-through easier for the users. A successful landing page is usually accessorized with various small sections of text. 

You should make it clear to the visitors that they are in the right place by a strong, relevant and a concise message above the fold.  Grabbing the attention of the user is necessary in the first few seconds. However, being concise too does not mean at all that you can just simply display a fancy picture and draw an arrow to a “REQUEST A QUOTE NOW” button. No doubt, these elements are required to be a part of the overall layout but there must be the presence of adequate information, call to action and substance to help the landing page produce the best possible conversion rate.


Turn it Intuitive!

The process of intuiting landing pages simplifies the process of motivating your users to take action. You present your layout in a way that users should quickly find out exactly what they are looking for on your site. You should construct the content according to the search habits of your users and this content must be coupled with an incentive in order to reach out to you for more info.

Just take an example of Verve Medical Cosmetics (, where the goal or conversion is to get the user call or sign up for a free consultation.


As we know that traffic from pay-per click yields laser-targeted traffic and generates more leads. In the above case, the user is looking for a particular product or service like Botox treatment. Clear messaging along with supportive points and actual patient photos on a landing page are features which drive the users towards a prominent call to action.


What is Your Value Proposition?

The value of your brand needs to be visually apparent and expressed as vividly as possible to the users in order to stand out from the competition. In the above case, we chose to highlight the actual value of the invitation to Botox specials; this can be viewed by the new users as something unique. We have free consultations at above the fold and below that; we have a list of great specials. This is all what derives Verve apart from the competition.


A Trusted Source:

The substantive supporting text below the fold must establish your credibility with strong and informative text.

In this example, there is content that explains the services and validates the practice of services with Botox info, certifications of the doctors and other relevant information. This supportive content leads people to convert.

The trust and credibility factors are very well present in the citation from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery over the popularity of Botox cosmetics. The process of integrating Google Maps with the locations section of the page shows how local the company really is. When you are about to target the competitive NYC section, this proximity feature is another selling point to increase the conversion.

In the case of Verve, it is a doctor that is handling the products and treatment with said product.  Now we can say that he is the only determining factor for trust.

When new patients come to the office for the first time they meet Dr. Bracci in person, so we wanted to show him! His picture, combined with his accreditations, clearly demonstrates his training, experience, and professionalism.

Intuitive and Informative Landing Pages Work

You can take the example of Verve Medical Cosmetics for using landing page strategy and content to convert as we have found it best. However, for SEO purposes, we recommend original high quality content that supports the main calls-to-action. You can utilize H tags to deliver your key messages. The results of this method prove that PPC landing pages are very effective when they are informative, concise and intuitive with a direct call to action.



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