Keyword Selection and Research (SEO Tips 1 of 5)

Posted by Online Marketing Expert on 15 April 2012


It is integral to incorporate keywords in order to effectively market your website online and attract the right kind of audience. Therefore, selecting the most appropriate keywords which best describes or summarizes the content of the website is very important.

Primarily, it is necessary to understand the difference between good keywords and bad keywords. Few basic points which serve as the criteria for picking good keywords include:

  • Check the level of keyword competition: Using the keyword competition checker, you can identify if a certain keyword has low or high competition. It is best to use keywords with low competition.
  • Select words with high search volume: One of the most basic notions behind using keywords is to link the particular word to the website so that the website comes up when that particular word is searched for. The entire purpose of keywords becomes null if the word selected as the keyword is hardly searched for. As it is also important to balance the level of competition with the search volume, it is best if the keyword has 200 global exact searches every month.
  • Maintain relevance: Simply looking for keywords with low competition or high search volume is not enough. As a matter of fact, the most important characteristic of every keyword which is selected is that it should be relevant to the content of the website.
  • Focus on ‘buyer’ keywords: There is a difference between keywords used for buyers and those used for ordinary browsers. In order to make the most out of your website, it is essential to use more buyer keywords (regardless of the fact that the search volume may be low compared to browser keywords) to attract buyers and achieve a high rate of conversion from ordinary browsers to buyers. An example of a browsing keyword would be 'free website design tips' compared to the buyer keyword 'best website design techniques book'.
  • Keep in mind the costs-per-click (CPC): It is important to market your website but it is also equally important to keep in perspective the cost of advertising and marketing the website. The aim should be to use keywords and promote the website without the cost largely affecting the income.

Secondly, in order to attract the right and the most relevant form of traffic to your website, it is excessively vital to localize the keywords that are used for the website, especially if your website is for a local business or service. For instance, if you are running a website for a web designing company in Singapore, it is important to use keywords which are popular and mostly used by search engine users of Singapore. Thirdly, in order to rank really well in search engines, it is helpful to pick a domain name which perfectly utilizes the main keyword or some important keywords.

Conclusively, the ultimate goal to achieve in order to develop a successful, high ranking website is to effectively incorporate relevant, localized keywords within the website.


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