Case Study for KKL Inventory System


Developed a customized business workflow inventory management system


Koh Kock Leong Enterprise Pte Ltd

Project Type:

  • Customized Web Application
  • Inventory Management System
  • Client Database Management System
  • Usage Management System
  • Sales Report Statistics
  • Purchase Order Creation (PDF Exporting)
  • Detail Report Generation


Industrial, Construction

Service Rendered:

  • Project Consultation
  • Customized Web Application Development
  • Software Maintenance



KKLE uses traditional pen and paper method to record down all their inventory records, usage records and vehicle/machine usage and expenses. This creates problems when it comes to accountability checks. It’s also time consuming when searching for or tracking records. Human errors e.g. messy hand writing could also cause problems which affect their record figures that mey become inaccurate. In addition, this process is slow and requires more man power. Thus, KKLE engaged Aspire Designs to design a custom management system that is tailored to their business needs so as to improve their overall business process.

Purpose & Solution

The main purpose for this inventory management system is to keep track of KKLE’s inventory usage, vehicles and machines’ expenses. The system also allows a user to generate usage and expenses report into PDF and excel formats for accounting purposes.


The new system hasten the whole business process by eliminating the extra steps which can be done automatically on the computerized backend system. It also minimizes the human error problems and increases the process of recording usage, expenses, searching and tracing of records, and accountability checks, thus, enabling the business process to perform more efficiently.


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