Case Study for Mirorcle Pte Ltd


Customized web application development for Multi-Level Marketing membership system


Mirorcle Pte Ltd

Project Type:

  • Customized Web Application
  • Products Management System
  • Distributor Management System
  • Online Ordering System (ePayment Gateway)
  • Calendar Event System
  • Multi-Language CMS


Business Services, Multi-Level Marketing

Service Rendered:

  • Project Consultation
  • Customized Web Application Development



The old system that Mirorcle used was a simple Excel sheet that stores all distributors’ particulars, point system and purchases. Mirorcle plans to expand their business to Taiwan and Malaysia. This expansion plan requires overseas staff and distributors to manage and purchase products online. Mirorcle also need a website to publicize their products and post regular talks and events for their distributors to register online through the online booking system.

Purpose & Solution

The main purpose of this distributor management system is to:

  1. Manage their distributors both local and overseas
  2. Create events and allow distributors to register for the events
  3. Allow both local and overseas distributors to purchase products online.
  4. Keep track of all purchases and points rewarded to distributors automatically after transaction is completed.
  5. Manage their website content in multiple language and products


The new system eliminates the extra steps of manual data entry such as recording purchases and points rewarded to distributors. It keeps track of the purchases and automatically updates the distributor’s points on every transaction. The new system not only allows Mirorcle to achieve their business goals, but also improves the efficiency of their business process through the online management system.


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