Social Media Marketing (SMM) - 20 Most Effective Ways of Enhancing Content Visibility On Top 4 Social Networks

It is the challenge of every marketer to create and maintain high virtual presence. With the cyber space flooded with uncountable amount of content every single day, it is difficult, and almost impossible, to stand out among the many by simply sending information and content on web. Moreover, with the increase in the number of social media channels it has become even more challenging to effectively appeal to and grab the attention of existing as well as prospective clients. Therefore, in order to stand out and avoid getting sucked into the pool of web content never to be seen again, here are 20 tried and tested ways of increasing content visibility on the top social networks, namely Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.


Increasing Content Visibility on Facebook

  1. Create a business page. Highlight the activities and intentions of the company or brand beyond profit maximization

  2. Be unique. Simply having a page on Facebook is not enough as almost every single company or brand has it too. Therefore, in order to attract and maintain the attention of the
    audience, engage in interesting and interactive activities. Provide exclusive content to the followers of the Facebook page to make them feel involved and important.

  3. Include Facebook Ads. The ads can appeal more to the intended or targeted audience, bringing them to the company’s Facebook page.

  4. Include audio-visual features. Simple text content would be uninteresting. Therefore, it is important to add videos and pictures to increase brand awareness and appeal.

  5. Create custom landing page tab for content promotion. New page visitors would most probably ‘Like’ the page if the default page allows them to easily download content such as eBook or coupons.


Increasing Content Visibility on Twitter

  1. Leverage hashtags. This not only allows companies to keep track of people talking about the company products and activities but also ensures effective content promotion.

  2. Communicate with influential users of Twitter. Through communication, popular or influential Twitter users could possibly ‘Tweet’ to their followers about the company.

  3. Pose questions with every Tweet. Give the audience a reason to respond and interact. Increased interaction would most likely encourage them to share the company content.

  4. Include a picture with every Tweet. A simple text Tweet might be easy to ignore or overlook, but having a picture along with the text increases the level of attention of followers to the tweet.

  5. Benefit from Twitter lists. Focus the target of the tweets to those followers who have previously checked or consistently check on the company to maintain their interest.


Increasing Content Visibility on Google+

  1. Create Google+ business page. Google+ is one of the most interactive and visually-rich social networking sites. Keep the content rich by incorporating pictures and encourage fans to add the company page to their Circles.

  2. Use Circles effectively. Personalize the content or information according to the Circles.

  3. Be creative. Make use of the Hangout feature of Google+ to communicate and interact with the people in the circles.

  4. Tag others. Not only does this increase involvement of the fans but it also increases the level of online presence by spreading content to the connections of the people tagged.

  5. Be eligible for Direct Connect. Google+ is becoming highly involved with Direct Connect. The company page would benefit from being eligible for Direct Connect to be prominent in social engine results.


Increasing Content Visibility on LinkedIn

  1. Get involved with appropriate groups and individuals. Unlike other social networking sites, LinkedIn has little to do with attracting large number of audience but has more to do with attracting the right audience belonging in the same economic sector or industry. Start discussions with the appropriate LinkedIn groups or start another industry-specific group related to the company or business.

  2. Get involved and rightly position the company or business. Making use of LinkedIn Answers to answer industry-related questions would facilitate effective positioning of the company among other similar companies and businesses. While answering questions, provide link to company content to support the response.

  3. Optimize LinkedIn company page. Simply having a page on LinkedIn is not enough. Optimize the LinkedIn company page to generate followers by sharing content through updates

  4. Collaborate with employees/colleagues. Making use of personal LinkedIn accounts to spread professional company content is also an effective strategy used to increase company content visibility.

  5. Respond with reference to company content. Responding to posts of others with reference to the content of the company would encourage others to take a look at the content.
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