Stand out among millions with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

SEM is a strategic placement of paid advertisements on search engine result pages. By having your website listed on relevant search pages, your website stays  visible to potential customers. You set your marketing budget and leave everything to us. We propose a set of strategic keywords and bidding amount and help your website each out to your target audience in Google and Yahoo. Your website will start to get results as soon as the SEM marketing campaign starts.


How it works?

PPC advertising works like a bidding system where you determine your maximum amount of bid for a single click, and your website’s ranking will depend on you and your competitors’ bids. Let’s say, you set your bid at $1.00 a click for the keywords  “sports shoe”. If no one else bids higher than you, then your website will be placed at #1 position on Yahoo and Google. However, if there are other bids higher than yours, e.g. $1.02, you will be positioned lower.
You can determine your online marketing daily budget. Let’s say you set $20/day. As soon as the cost of your clicks reaches the daily budget ($20 in this case), your website advertisement will automatically be removed from the search results for that entire day.
We will install a tracking code in your website to show you the results of your marketing campaign.  This will track the number of visitors to your website through Google and Yahoo, and also the conversion rate.
Conversion rate - If you get 10 visitors from the marketing campaign and you get 1 order, then your conversion rate is calculated as 1/10 = 10%. Higher conversion rate means better return of investment (ROI) which also means that your online campaign is successful.


What we do for your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign

  1. Account setup on Google and/or Yahoo
  2. Keyword research and analysis
  3. Competitors Ad Analysis
  4. Propose keywords and bidding price
  5. Web traffic analysis software installation
  6. Campaign Management (Monthly)
    1. Conversion Tracking Report
    2. Impression Share Report
    3. Analyze monthly data to verify your campaign performance
    4. Bid Management

Setup fee is waived if you sign up for 12 months or more.
Additional Services (Based on the bounce rate and time spent on site):

  1. Landing Page Analysis (Why do visitors leave your site after they visit)
  2. Landing Page Design (Re-design landing page to get better results)

Want to find out more about Search Engine Marketing? Give us a call now and we will be glad to answer your queries!



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