Unleash the power of SEO to launch a new and improved website

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the secret to a strong search engine ranking. However, as easy as the term may sound, the art of SEO is hard to master; therefore, it is wise to start off with the basics. Anyone planning on building a new website must have come across the term SEO. For starters, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Despite the increasing use of SEO, not many people are aware of the significance of SEO service in promoting a new website.


Steps for easy indexing

The following are the basic guidelines for effective organization of the website for easy indexing:

  • Eliminate the use of java scripts and flash by designing the website in html format. The more complicated the codes are, the more difficult it would be for search engine spiders to identify the content and consequentially, assign an appropriate Google Page Rank to the webpage.

  • Always make use of tags aptly. Header tags are one of the most fundamental factors necessary to attract attention to the website content. Incorporating keywords or key phrases in header tags can make a lot of difference for the webpage ranking. Tags should be used at least once, but it is wise to stay within a certain limit as it is also important for the content to appear normal.

  • Ensure the Meta tags are accurately coded and the website contains a Robots.txt file. Meta tags will not drastically impact the ranking of the website, therefore, Robots.txt file augment their purpose.

It is crucial to verify that the website created is easily accessible and the webpage text is optimized. This also lays foundation for long-term use of SEO.


Essential features to add to the new website

  • Incorporate html and xml sitemaps. Including a sitemap on the website makes it comparatively easy for search engines to access all the pages of the website and effectively index the website. It is important to include both html and xml formats of the sitemap. The xml format will not be visible to the website viewers but allows search engine spiders to crawl the website.

  • Include a partner page. In order to encourage reciprocal linking, it is important to add link pages or partner pages on the website. Link exchange program facilitates prompt and easy addition or removal of link pages.

  • Encourage addition of new content. In order to get the website noticed by search engines, the best technique is to encourage website visitors to consistently add new content in forms of comments, blogs, and forum participation.

It is extremely important to emphasize on search engine optimization, especially when launching a new website. Therefore, it is highly essential to effectively design a website according to the mentioned SEO standards and requirements and realize both short-term and long-term search engine optimization goals.

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