Simple Rules For Every Successful Website

Posted by Singapore Web Design Company on 3 January 2012


Almost all of the major web design companies bear in mind few basic rules for designing and developing a successful website. These basic rules can be used as a checklist for prospective web designers in order to create an effective website or can be used by web owners as a means of evaluating the effectiveness of their website.

Rule 01.    Never re-adjust the user’s browser window. This Java-based web design technique is generally used by spam websites or heavily designed websites, so it is never recommended.

Rule 02.    Designers who make use of Flash feel it necessary to launch the website in a separate pop-up window along with a 30 second loading series. This web design approach which requires visitors to first load the homepage, only to be directed to another page in another pop-up window is unappealing and ineffective in retaining user attention and interest.

Rule 03.    Flash is a tool used for improved animations, videos, shopping carts, functionality, and interfaces to mention a few. However, when designing a website it is no way suggested to design the entire website with Flash, as it would, without a doubt, make the website ineffective.

Rule 04.    Being creative is a good thing, but not when it comes to creating website navigation. A complex navigation style does not translate into appealing website. It simply drives the visitors away due to complicated or confusing website navigation.

Rule 05.    Web content is the key to a successful website, not graphics and animation. Content is what search engines consider and use to drive traffic to the website. Therefore, while some fancy graphics or Flash animations might be good for the website, essentially it is the website content.

Rule 06.    When hiring a web designer, it is important to evaluate the skills by making sure the designed website or the functionality of the website is suitable for Firefox. In case it is not, it is clear indication that the web designer is not well-versed in the field of web designing and is a simple waste of time and money.

Rule 07.    Some important features to never include, even if requested, are blinking texts, front page, pop-ups, scrolling text, font downloads, and Flash introduction.

Rule 08.    If there is a need to include music on the website, it should be made certain that the user has an easily accessible option of turning off the music. It should also be made sure the music does not automatically start again when the page is re-loaded or another page is loaded.

Rule 09.    Videos or animations which load when the website is opened can also be a big turn-off for the visitor. Therefore, if they have to be included at any cost, it is important to provide the visitors the ability to easily stop the video or animation.

Rule 10.    Text navigation is a better option than mouse-over image navigation. Text navigation with CSS makes the website design more effective as, unlike common perception, design has more to do with content rather than graphics or creative website interface.


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