Steps to Effective Online Marketing (2 OF 5)

Posted by Singapore SEO Company on 8 July 2012



  1. Search Engine Friendly Site Navigation: When optimizing your webpage for search engines, one of the most important aspects to focus on is making your website navigation search engine friendly. By this it means the search engine spiders should be able to easily crawl through all the webpages one by one without having any navigational trouble or confusion. While JavaScript and Flash navigations are pleasing to the eyes and appealing to the audience, it is by far the most inconvenient form of navigation for the search engine spiders. For that reason, if there is no HTML links at the bottom of the page, it would be difficult for the search engines to index your webpages. Therefore, it is essential to include HTML links on the homepage of your website which directs the search engine spiders to every webpage of your website. Moreover, if you make use of content management systems or template webpages, the URLs could become too complex for search engines. Consequently, in order to further optimize your website for search engines, you could consider rewriting URLs.

  2. Creating a Sitemap: For easier navigation it is always advised to include a sitemap to your website, especially if you own a large website. There are free tools such as which assist in creating sitemaps for easy indexing by search engines. You can upload the sitemap generated using such websites and also submit the sitemap to Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

  3. Create a Webpage for Every Keyword: External doorway or gateway pages were previously commonly adopted as means of increasing popularity of the websites; however, such strategies are outdated and no longer recommended by SEO specialists as you can get penalized for owning duplicate webpages. The presently recommended method of increasing traffic is to create different webpages within your current website, each based on every important keyword you want to rank for. For instance, if you use your website to provide web design and development services in Singapore, you can first find out all the popular keywords related to web design singapore or web development singapore rom keyword suggestion tools such as Google Insights for Search. Then, you can create separate webpages based on every keyword that you find are relevant to your website as a whole. Regardless, it should be understood that every webpage needs to be optimized for search engines and so, simply creating multiple keyword-based webpages within your website is not enough.

  4. SEO Fine-Tuning: After all the basic SEO strategies have been applied to your website, you can go one step further by fine-tuning your website. There are software like WebPosition which enables you to check your website's ranking and position among competitor websites using similar keywords. Moreover, WebPosition's Page Critic feature analyzes your website and determines keywords preferred by search engines which are related to your website. The tool also proposes recommendations to further enhance your website's performance and ranking. By regularly making use of such tools, you can further optimize your website by fine-tuning or modifying the website content as required or recommended. However, such maintenance can be slightly complicated and time-consuming, so, you can always seek assistance from SEO specialists to lessen your burden.

  5. Online Business Promotion: Simply creating a website with SEO content is not enough if you own a local business. As web-users search for local stores online, it is extremely important to include your store's street address, zip code, and contact number on every page of your website. It would also help to list a few surrounding stores or community locations associated with your store. Additionally, you can utilize Google Places for Business, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Local Listing Center to create free listings for your business.

  6. Online Promotion of Audio-Visual Content: Search engines like Google not only take into account the webpages' written contents but also the audio-visual contents such as videos, audio clips, and images. Therefore, it really helps to create such audio-visual contents to boost your website's ranking. However, like every other written content, images, audio clips, and videos need to be optimized for search engines in order to effectively contribute to the website's popularity.

This concludes article 1 of the 5 articles on the topic of effective web marketing of your website. Stay tuned as there are more articles to come which will help you boost your website's popularity.


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