Tips on Picking a Good Domain Name

Posted by on 5 October 2013


Just like how a company carefully creates its trademark logo, choosing the right name for your website is also a vital aspect on  the success of a business.  You must choose a name that will easily give the readers an idea of what you are selling. Your business domain name should be applicable even if you are growing and adding new items to your array of merchandise.  It must be easy to recall, creative and live up to the standards of what your readers expect. However, choosing a name can be tricky because it may be easy but not memorable or it may be creative but too hard to memorize. Therefore, if you want to choose the right name for your website, you might want to consider the following options.


Be creative

There are billions of words found in the dictionary, so choosing a name should be easy, right? You can mix and match or combine two words to form a new one. You can invent or create a new word that would be easy to remember. Anything is possible. As long as it is something that will make you stand out, appeal to your company’s image and stick in your reader’s mind. However, creating a domain name will not just end with forming a .com or .org. Other resources should be utilized to attract viewers to visit your site. You must market, sell and advertise it. Therefore, if you are low on the budget, you might want to think carefully. Domain names can make or break your company’s goals. If you succeed in choosing the right one for your company, you can be sure to see the positive results.

Be short and simple

Nobody wants to choose something that is too long or too hard; everybody wants something that is short and simple. Just like the domain name, if you want a possible client to remember you, just keep it simple and short. If you are not sure, put yourselves in your client’s shoes. If you have a hard time remembering it yourself, then definitely your prospective client will not waste his time on something that he has not even seen yet. Always remember to make it simple and easy for your clients.

Be original

If nothing works for you, you can just go with your company’s own name. That way it would be original and unique only to your website. However, using your own name has its own drawbacks. For one thing, your company’s name might not sound good or it may have a different meaning when translated to another language. So to avoid problems, make sure you do your research first and ensure that there will be no possible problems in the future. Another thing is that the name of your company might be too hard to spell or remember because of a complex and long name. What you could do is to use the first name of your company instead of its entire name or you could condense it to make a shorter domain name.         
Remember, domain names play a pivotal role because a successful name will keep you on top of your game. 


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