User Website Design is Essential For Effective Website

Posted by Singapore Web Design Company on 4 January 2012


Superior virtual existence is essential for any business to flourish in today’s world. A good virtual presence is defined by top-quality user experience and therefore, user experience design is essential for the effectiveness of any website. Putting aside the technical definition, user website design simply aims to ensure enhanced usability and improved functionality of a website, a web application, or even a software product. In web development, user website design translates into user-friendly website design that leads to superior user experience of the visitor. Concisely, user web design helps achieve the website objectives by making the website design align with the expectation of the website visitors. The following factors are imperative to user website design of any website, such as e-commerce website:


For the website to be user-friendly, it is important for the essential factors which make up the website to be consistent and coherent. These factors include the web design, web content, navigations, functionality, and features. It would be confusing for the visitor if one aspect of the website, such as the web design, is depicting one thing while the other aspect, such as the web content, is stating otherwise.


In order to enhance user experience it is integral for the website to have easy navigation features. For a visitor, especially of an e-commerce website, time-consuming or confusing web design would simply enable them to go to the next website they have lined up. Therefore, in order to prevent such an event, the website should have easy navigation to take the visitor to the desired content or page in few basic clicks.

Structural Flow

When talking about the structural flow of the website, consistency in the front-end and the back-end website structure is the matter of concern. The website should have content and context flow for the visitor to have the ultimate user experience. For e-commerce websites, it is advised to add features such as the ‘call to action’ button on the homepage of the website along with clear and concise information on the buying process and all the available promotional offers. Moreover, the flow of the website should be such that the visitor is able to acquire the needed information and easily proceed to the desired page in matter of a click or two. 


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