Web Applications To Look Forward To In 2014

Posted by on 3 January 2014

To start the New Year, we have compiled various web applications that web developers would look forward to in 2014. These applications would certainly make life easier for many of us especially those who are into mobility as BYOD is making an impact in the industry. 


Geographical location is one restriction that many people have complained about especially when it comes to data access, thanks to the development of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) movements; this limitation is no longer a problem. Business individuals and other professionals can now use their own devices to access their company’s information even if they are in remote places. Although there are some problems associated with this especially when it concerns budgeting and setting up a secured environment, nonetheless, it is a fact that one can no longer ignore.

Standardization of JavaScript and HTML5

Thanks to BYOD, other opportunities are coming up in the web. The fragmentation of the web into several platforms allows the possibility of new web applications to be developed. One example is the finishing stages for the HTML5 platform thanks to an improved JavaScript performance. Many developers expect HTML5, to be finished in the first part of 2014. With HTML5, support for media interfaces such as in image manipulation and audios or videos increases, making it a popular choice among organizations. The clamour for compatibility for various devices is also in the rise, which leaves plenty of space for developers to build new applications.


Aside from mobile phones, other devices are also tagged to be developed in 2014 as the clamour for internet usage seems to be expanding. Consumer products such as eyewear, watches and even cars are expected to be hooked up to the internet. Web developers are expected to come up with applications or software that can be attached to these devices so that consumers can use this to access the web.

Cloud Storage

Perhaps the greatest invention in the modern world is the development of cloud storage. With cloud storage, data are uploaded in the internet and are accessible from any part of the world with different devices. Cloud storage comes in two types – personal and public. With hybrid cloud storage, these two storage servers will be able to interact and possibly merge as one in the future. Although the early hybrid cloud storage might be more static, later development would make it more responsive and dynamic.

Productivity Applications

Another application that one should look forward to is the development of productivity tools. This includes changes in the framework of codes, development tools as well as collaborative web applications that allow for the creation of global teams. Developers can work in remote areas while still being able to produce world-class software.

Overall, these are just some of the trends that we can look forward to in 2014. There are still a lot of developments coming into fruition that we are anticipating and would love to check out however, the things mentioned above can certainly help one to be prepared in the future. 


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