Why E-commerce Is Important To Your business

Posted by on 1 June 2016

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More and more people are using e-commerce to make their online purchases everyday. With increasing credit card and internet penetration customers are now getting used to integrating e-commerce with their daily lives. The advent of secure payment gateways and cashless payments have boosted consumer confidence and driven them to explore the internet shopping experience. Here are some reasons why your business should be using e-commerce to engage with these consumers.

Reach out to a new market

Businesses which implement e-commerce solutions have an opportunity to reach out to a larger customer base. You may sell to people who live far away from your store. While advertisements and your store are seen by a limited number of people, getting on e-commerce means that you can make yourself available to any market, anywhere in the world.

Be discovered without trying too hard

Have you ever used a Google search and discovered a store you never heard of before? Taking your business online you will be letting the rest of the world know that you exist. The beauty of a search engine is that people will type in exactly what product they want without knowing their options on where to buy from. The search engine will help them get in touch with you! Some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may be needed to ensure that your business gets to the top of the search results.

Who needs store space when you have E-commerce?

When your business is online you do not necessarily need office or store space space to start off with. If you are a startup entrepreneur you could literally start out of your own bedroom! Who needs a store when all your items are beautifully photographed and posted online for customers to see?

Be Social Media Savvy

E-commerce businesses are able to use social media to drive people to their site. Have you ever clicked on a Facebook, Youtube or Digital Ad which leads you to a business website? These work best when an advertisement is linked to to your E-commerce site. This gives you an immediate response from the viewer. When you see a billboard while driving on the road, is it likely that you will go home and remember to check their website? Through social media and digital marketing your customers will be driven to you in a click, immediately.

Let your customers know whats is available

It is a disappointing experience to walk into a store to buy a something only to find that it is out of stock. Taking your business online means that your customer knows which products are in store without having to come over and be let down. When your store does not have what the customer expected to find, they will buy it from one of your competitors who have a store nearby.

Be Available 24/7

Have you ever encountered a situation where you stood outside a store until it opens? E-commerce allows customers to access your products with flexibility and convenience. They don't have to rush to a store because it closes. Customers can buy your products overnight.

Take it to the next level with CRM

Businesses which use -commerce can implement some effective customer relationship management measures to build profitable long term relationships with clients. Who says they have to buy from you only once? When a customer creates an account with your business, you will be able to send them offers, birthday cards, new product notices, suggested items and other perks via email. Make sure they are given the chance to opt out of marketing or unsubscribe if they do not want to receive these emails. You wouldn't want to bother these customers too much!

Spend Less. Earn More

Think about it. You are spending less money on store upgrades, maintenance and traditional marketing. On the other hand you are making yourself available to a much larger audience. Your balance sheet is going to look very pretty!

These are a few of the key reasons why you should implement e-commerce into your business model. Consumers are evolving and businesses should grow alongside them to make sure that their needs and wants are always met. This will be the key to survival in the technological age.



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