Why SEM Is More Important For SME Companies Than SEO

Posted by on 18 November 2013

For most companies, SEO and SEM can be confusing especially for start-up enterprises. SEM or Search Engine Marketing and SEO or Search Engine Optimization are just two other ways for marketers to increase a site’s visibility in the internet. SEM works by using third party tools such as banners, ads and other paid services to help increase the visibility of the site. SEO on the other hand analyses the data that it captures from how the search engine works and optimizes the site to better respond to the need of the search engine thus increasing the site’s ranking in the search result page.


For businesses who are categorized in the small and medium category, they might benefit more from SEM services than SEOs. Although both are helpful, SEO takes longer and adjustments to the strategy might not work well especially for those who have a tight budget. SEO would entail several trial and error processes especially as the company is still starting out and historical data as well as competitor data are not yet available for reference. This is not the case when one makes use of SEM services.

SEM services provide entrepreneurs faster results in a matter of few days’ time, which helps them employ new strategies such as advertising or ad campaigns, contextual linking or banner ads. As internet providers also have a stake especially when it comes to paid advertising, most ad campaigns are placed in front thus ensuring that the company gains maximum exposure and at the same time would ensure traffic and even potential sales.

 Another advantage with SEM services happens when one employs paid ad services. Most providers allow the owner of the ads to increase or decrease the click through rate of the ad so one can increase or decrease the amount that corresponds to a certain click to fit their budget. This in particular is one of the crucial advantages of SEM as it provides SME owners the power to effectively monitor the company’s budget and limit the cost.

SEM also provides valuable data that can be useful for SME business owners for future references. Most providers such as Google supplies owners several reports that can give value to future campaigns. Examples of these data or reports include demographics, age group, sex, behavior, interest, keywords, bounce rate and other data report. This can be useful for the client as they can allocate more budgets on a certain keyword phrase that would certainly help increase the site’s traffic and a lower budget for keywords that are not popular. This gives the site owner total control of their campaign without sacrificing their budget.

Although SEO and SEM are both effective online marketing tools, SEM provides greater advantage especially for those small-medium enterprises that cannot start a huge campaign or are just starting out and want to test the water first. With that said, it is best for SME entrepreneurs to maximize fully the advantages that SEM can give them and later on use SEO to fine-tune their site. 


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